Cherry Cola Hair The Trendy Shade Taking Over

Cherry Cola Hair: The Trendy Shade Taking Over

Explore the trendy cherry cola hair colour inspired by Dua Lipa for a customizable, vibrant look.

Ombré Cherry
Ombré Cherry

A New Twist on Red Hair

The world of hair colour is always changing, and the latest special trend is cherry cola hair. 

This is not just red hair; it is a rich, deep shade that catches everyone’s eye. 

The trend got a big boost from Dua Lipa, whose recent hair colour change has turned heads and set the internet buzzing.

How the Trend Began

The man behind the look, Ben Gregory, a well-known hairstylist to the stars, did not initially set out to create what we now know as cherry cola hair. 

He was inspired by a mix of dark and vibrant colours, like those seen in a glass of wine or the rich hues of blood and grape. 

Influences came from various places, including the glamorous Susie Cave and the fictional Jessica Rabbit. 

However, once the look hit the public eye, it quickly got its catchy name due to its resemblance to the popular soft drink, combining deep reds with a hint of dark sweetness.

Customizable and Versatile

One of the best things about cherry cola hair is how it can be tailored to fit anyone’s style. 

Gregory wanted to make a colour that would look different based on how it is styled, making it versatile for a 90s-inspired glamorous look or something more suited to today’s youth culture. 

Aura Friedman, another celebrity hairstylist who champions red hair, agrees that this colour trend is playful and has a wide range of shades, from dark and mysterious to bright and eye-catching.

Keeping the Color Fresh

Proper care is essential to keeping Cherry Coke hair looking its best. 

Gregory and Friedman stress the importance of quality aftercare to ensure the colour stays vibrant for as long as possible. 

They recommend products that seal the hair cuticle and lock in the colour, especially for red shades that tend to fade quickly.

Celebrities Love Cherry Cola Hair

The trend has been embraced by celebrities, which has helped its popularity soar. 

From Dua Lipa’s trendsetting look to Dove Cameron‘s bold choice and Teyana Taylor‘s shiny pixie, each star shows off the versatility of cherry cola hair. 

Other celebrities, including Megan Fox and Rihanna, have also experimented with this colour, demonstrating its wide appeal.

The Future of the Trend

Cherry cola hair is here to stay. 

Its unique blend of depth and vibrancy and the ability to customize it to personal taste make it a standout choice for anyone looking to change their hair colour. 

Whether you are after a bold statement or a subtle touch of colour, cherry cola hair offers something for everyone.

In short, cherry cola hair is more than just a fad. 

It is a versatile, vibrant choice, capturing people’s imagination everywhere. 

With its rich hues and the ability to make it your own, it is no wonder this trend is becoming a staple in the world of hair colour.

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