Skepticism to Relief Dr. A. F. Clovis Pinto's Gentle Touch Saved My Mother Back - Without Surgery

Skepticism to Relief: Dr. A. F. Clovis Pinto’s Gentle Touch Saved My Mother’s Back (Without Surgery)

Explore Dr. Clovis Pinto’s effective, non-surgical back pain treatments in Goa—a personal tale of recovery and expert medical care.

Discovering a Hidden Gem

In a serene corner of Goa, India, amidst the hustle of modern medicine, I found a beacon of hope for my mother’s chronic back pain—Dr. Clovis Pinto. 

This journey began with a mix of desperation and skepticism, as several doctors had recommended invasive surgery for her disk bulge. 

However, Dr. Pinto’s name, suggested by a friend, promised a different approach.

The Man Behind the Medicine

At 83, Dr. Clovis Pinto, a physician with deep roots in Portugal and a wealth of experience from Europe, defies the typical image of a medical expert. 

Dr. A. F. Clovis Pinto: M.B, M.S, FRCS England impressive credentials include several degrees from India and an FRCS in Europe. 

Despite his accolades, information about him was more varied online.

A Clinic Unlike Any Other

Stepping into his clinic at Marod, Goa. 

I felt like entering a realm of medical nostalgia.

The setting, reminiscent of an old apartment rather than a modern hospital, initially fueled my doubts. 

However, it was in this unassuming space that we found unparalleled medical care.

Diagnosis: A Touch of Wisdom

Dr. Pinto’s approach to diagnosis was a revelation. 

Rather than relying solely on medical reports, he engaged my mother in a conversation about her pain, meticulously examining her before even glancing at her medical history. 

This level of attention and expertise was something we had not encountered before.

The Road to Recovery

The three days of treatment under Dr. Pinto’s care were transformative. 

Without the need for surgery, my mother’s condition improved significantly. 

Dr. Pinto’s commitment was evident in every aspect of her care, from administering injections with steady hands to prescribing the necessary medication.

The Value of Experience

While the cost of treatment was considerable—₹10,000 for medical care, ₹5,000 for room rent, and about ₹3,000 for medicines—the outcome justified every rupee. 

It is rare to find such dedicated, effective care.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Healing

I feel compelled to share our story to celebrate Dr. Pinto’s extraordinary skills. 

His expertise could be a turning point for those in Goa and beyond suffering from back problems or other ailments Dr. Pinto treats.

Contact Dr. Pinto

Those interested in consulting with Dr. A. F. Clovis Pinto can reach him at +91 9881072308. 

His clinic is at Marod, Near the VRL Office, Santa Cruz, Goa – 403005, India.

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